Illustration by Konstantin Kakanias 

"Deborah Sharpe has beyond exquisite taste. Fortunately, I became familiar with her shop through several articles that contained her bedspreads in Architectural Digest. Although I am in Los Angeles often from the East Coast I would have gone out of my way to order from her shop even if I had to do it long distance. Not to feather my nest, I've written several books on design and I'm very jaded in what I have seen through my research and writing. To come across a shop in today's world that carries such exquisite wares is most unusual in any part of the country" - Stephen M Salny.

Twenty years ago, Deborah Sharpe started her search for beautiful Italian linens, which led her to a linen company founded in Florence in 1912 by three talented Italian sisters who shared a passion for embroidery.

Not only did the sisters produce exactly the type of luxury bedding Deborah was looking for but also beautiful pajamas, night gowns and robes for adults, children and babies. 

Deborah knew immediately that her friends and others would love the collection. She began working with the sisters to design and create  the sought-after line that makes up Deborah Sharpe Linens today.

What's amazing about the collection is the the impeccable quality and diversity of fabrics, embroidery patterns, and colors. Bed sheets are available in all hues and in thread counts from 280 up to 1020 with 100 different embroidery patterns to choose from to personalize each set. The embroidery is extraordinary, ranging from simple polka dots to more ornate filigreed designs.

Deborah enjoys working closely with each customer  in order to meet their precise requests for sizes, fabrics, designs, decorations, and colors.

Her strong sense of color and design comes from her background in contemporary art (Sharpe was the owner of the well known Sharpe Gallery in the East Village and Soho when she lived in New York City in the eighties.) The result is the sophisticated point-of-view and understated style she brings to an entire range of linens and nightwear. People visit her in her atelier in Los Angeles or she makes house calls in New York City to discuss what would look best in each client's bedroom. She has coordinated bedding for hundreds of clients, as well as hotels, yachts, and planes!



Who sleeps on Deborah Sharpe Linens?

Katy Perry, Oprah Winfrey, Kanye West & Kim Kardashian,Dr. Dre, Courtney Cox, Jim Belushi, Jennifer and Sylvester Stallone, Herbie Hancock, Jimmy Buffett, Stuart Copeland, Greg Kinnear, Arianna Huffington, Vlade Divac, Christa Miller, Ronnie and Vidal Sassoon, Jerry Leiber, Glen Ballard . . . and thousands of others!

Who loves other Deborah Sharpe Linens pajamas, smocked nightgowns,and kaftans?

Reese Witherspoon, Jodie Foster, Lisa and Dustin Hoffman, and Stephanie Powers

Pucci Collector Deborah Sharpe featured in Pucci, A Renaissance In Fashion

East Village gallery dealers photographed by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders.

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